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Realtime Great Lakes Weather Data and Marine Observations

SGNW3: NDBC Sheboygan WI                                  
CMAN Station
Lat: 43.75°, Lon: -87.69°
Elevation: 176 m
Anemometer Height: 19 m
Related Site: NDBC

Current Time: 0056 GMT
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                         AIR   DEW WND  WND  WND CLD SOLAR   BAR    WAT  WAV  WAV -------GMT-              TMP   PT  DIR  SPD  GST CVR  RAD    PRES   TMP  HGT  PER YYYYDDDHHMM#ID            C     C  Deg  m/s  m/s  %   W/m2    mb     C    m    s 202417400001SGNW3 19 15.1 999.9 350 6.7 7.2 999 9999.9 1020.3 99.9 99.9 99.9
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